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Virtual Meetings
Due to the virus pandemic, the meeting of the board will be a virtual meeting. If a district resident has a comment for the Public Participation portion, please use the form below. Thank you for your patience as we work through this new challenge!

In Person presentation
Residents that wish to make a presentation on a specific matter are requested to arrange for agenda time by contacting the Board President or Superintendent at least one week before the meeting.
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The board welcomes the opportunity to hear from the public with comments about items of interest or concern that do or do not appear on the agenda this evening. We ask that you remember that Wisconsin law prohibits us from discussing specific employees or their job performance. Employee concerns should be referred through administrative channels in writing. Board members may ask questions regarding the information raised during public input; however, no decisions will be made unless it pertains to items on the posted agenda. The public participation period comprises thirty minutes or less unless the board president grants additional time. You will have three minutes for your comments so that we can keep the meeting moving in a timely fashion and allow others an opportunity to speak. Please begin by stating your name and address. Thank you for your support of our school district.
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