Application Form for <Titan>
Thanks for your interest in Titan!

The purpose of this form is to get all of the easy questions out of the way, before reaching out for a more thorough discussion via Discord DM or Voice Chat.

This typically serves as our first impression of you, so it would be in your best interest to put a bit of effort in. Your responses let us get a gauge for your level of effort and what we could expect from you as a raider.

Before completing the questionnaire it's recommended that you join our Discord server so that we can chat easily:
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Titan Raid Teams
Titan runs 2 raid teams in TBC and you'll be asked which one you're applying for as you proceed through the form:

- 8:00pm – 11ish pm Server Time
- Thursday, Sunday, and Tuesday
- Loot Council
- Team 1 aims to be competitive in the raiding scene with quick clear times and a high focus on raider performance.

- Enough LWers for 1 per group
- 90%+ attendance for all 3 days
- Full consumables
- Raiders are to remain competitive and knowledgeable, with a comprehensive understanding of encounters ahead of time
- Raid ready alt is preferred

- 8:00pm – 11:00pm Server Time
- Wednesday and Monday
- Loot Council
- Team 2 aims to clear all content each week with a strong and consistent team, but will not push the pace as hard as Team 1.

- 90%+ attendance
- Full consumables
- Understanding of encounters ahead of time
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