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(Doors Close at 7:25PM! - Don't be later than that!) 

SENSUAL ECSTATIC DANCE with SUBAQUEOUS, MOTHER VOID, GODDESS CODES, SNUGGLE LAB, and FOR THE LOVE OF GONG has a mission to support you choosing your own adventures in sensuality! Our events feature amazing DJs, instructors, performing artists, intimacy coaches, and consent practitioners in the dance community - and clearly communicated boundaries in a sensory-enriched environment. 

Designed to be a low-pressure, blissful party, there will be a dancefloor, pampering tables, aphrodisiac treats, and beginner-friendly sensuality tastings!  What will our community's offerings be?  Tasting ideas include blindfolding, feathering, photographing, drawing, literature whisperings, and more!  You can volunteer to offer something spicy at our event via the Sensual Dance Community Builders sign up form!  

6:30pm portal opens 

6:45pm "ECSTATIC SELF INDULGENCE" all-genders dance class with TAYLOR NICOLE from GODDESS CODES 
A sexy dance journey to explore the depths of your sacred yes and your sacred no. Learn how to honor yourself in every moment of your experience and listen to the whispers of your body. 

This will is a prerequisite for attending the rest of the evening. Doors close at 7:25pm. Troi (they/them) has been creating Positive Touch culture in the PNW for 20 years. 

Isaac AKA Subaqueous’ debut album was #1 on downtempo charts and his music can still be found on the dance floor of transformational festivals and ecstatic dances all over the west coast USA and the world today. His unique sound invites dancers to be in touch with their kinetic nature in a deeply emotional journey. 


Faren AKA Mother Void is a nomadic musician & creator, offering downtempo & dark sensual bass for intimate dance journeys. She celebrates feminine power and the movement medicine of the dance world. You are invited into the Void's nurturing embrace to find your deepest, healing flow. 

Phoenyx AKA For The Love Of Gong is a long-time gong and sound bath enthusiast who specializes in relaxation, reducing stress, and restoring balance to the body, mind, and spirit. For this special event, Jessica Deltac will be heightening the experience with a sensuous reading of erotic poems and ASMR. 

11:00pm portal closes 

Daniel Oliver AKA Fusion Dances loves designing connection and intimacy themed events that fuse dancing with other wonderful things to do. Oliver is the curator of MELT Dance, Surrender, Dungeons & Dances, and The Vibe. His events have been described as relaxing, imaginative, healing, playful, and transformative. 

Reviews from past events: 

“I didn’t feel pressured to do any more than I felt comfortable with.” 

"Great policies and wonderful interactions." 

"Producer/Emcee is setting a very high bar for what events can and should be, from pre-event to post." 
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Tickets are tiered on a $15-$40 sliding scale. 

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Send payment to www.venmo.com/PortlandDance 

(You will be given a full refund if you are disallowed from attending, or a full credit if you unable to attend due to sickness.) 
What (if any) events have you attended in the past that you feel prepare you for a sensually-themed, sensuality-optional dance party like this one? (It's okay if this is your first one.)
(Optional Add-on Experience) Do you want to get tied up for 10-15min by Hitchin Kitten? ($25 per experience) 
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There is also a MANDATORY ORIENTATION right after the class. To ensure you're there on time, arrive no later than 7:30PM! 
Waivers, Releases, and Policies (You Must Select "I Agree" To Continue)

Liability Waiver: 
The Agreement herein is between Daniel Oliver and the signed below. I agree that I am responsible for my own emotional and physical wellbeing and behaviors at this event and I release Daniel Oliver and the venue, trainer(s), instructor(s), organizer(s), producer(s), venue manager(s), venue owner(s), promoter(s), and any and all other staff, vendors, and volunteers from all liabilities for harms or personal injuries incurred as a result of my participation. Because physical exercise can be strenuous and subject to risk of serious injury, we urge you to obtain a physical examination from a doctor before using any exercise equipment or participating in any exercise activity. You agree that by participating in physical exercise or training activities, you do so entirely at your own risk. Any recommendation for changes in diet including the use of food supplements, weight reduction and/or body building enhancement products are entirely your responsibility and you should consult a physician prior to undergoing any dietary or food supplement changes. You agree that you are voluntarily participating in these activities and use of these facilities and premises and assume all risks of injury, illness, or death. We are also not responsible for any loss of your personal property. You acknowledge that you have carefully read this waiver and fully understand that it is a release of liability. You expressly agree to release and discharge the trainer(s), instructor(s), organizer(s), producer(s), venue manager(s), venue owner(s), promoter(s), and any and all other staff, vendors, and volunteers from any and all claims or causes of action and you agree to voluntarily give up or waive any right that you may otherwise have to bring a legal action against the trainer(s), instructor(s), organizer(s), producer(s), venue manager(s), venue owner(s), promoter(s), and any and all other staff, vendors, and volunteers for personal injury or property damage. To the extent that statute or case law does not prohibit releases for negligence, this release is also for negligence. If any portion of this release from liability shall be deemed by a Court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, then the remainder of this release from liability shall remain in full force and effect and the offending provision or provisions severed here from. By signing this release, I acknowledge that I understand its content and that this release cannot be modified orally. 

Public Health Release:
I agree and understand that the liability waiver I agreed to above also includes COVID-19 and all other communicable diseases.

Photo & Video Release:
I agree not to record, video, or photo other people unless authorized by Daniel Oliver. A brief content creation session could be announced, and I can wait in the lounge area when this happens to opt out. 

No Solicitations Policy: 
I agree and understand this event was made possible through sponsorships and partnerships with other people and businesses in the community and I will not solicit attendees for anything other than providing therapeutic/healing services. If I want my own events to be promoted by MELT Dance I will email Daniel Oliver using fusiondancesorg@gmail.com for sponsor/partner information.

Data & Privacy Policy: 
We may text you pre-event reminders and a post-event feedback form. The ticketing system(s) we use may have their own marketing that it sends out as well. 

Vetting System For This Event: 
You may be asked to leave at any time if anyone onsite says they're uncomfortable with you being there. In that case, you're welcome to request a full refund if you leave calmly and promptly. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and we can make exceptions to this policy and disallow you to attend by notifying you either before or during the event. Please note that restricted or revoked access to this event may not come with an explanation, in order to protect the privacy and legal vulnerabilities of the event and those who wish to attend. By agreeing below, I understand and consent to the access protocols of this event, I will not assume anyone's social status or friendships among attendees present is a reliable indicator of their safety as a person at the event, and even more so outside of the event. 
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Your Vetting Requests: 

Anybody asked to not interact or communicate with somebody else at this event needs to respect that. With that affirmation of boundaries in mind, is there anybody who - if they attend this event without interacting with you - due to their presence in the building you would still not feel comfortable attending? 

We will not disclose who named them. 

You will be refunded if they are allowed to attend. 

Important: For very important legal reasons, please do NOT tell us why you are naming them. 
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