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Our names are Lola McAllister and Pilar McDonald. We just finished our first years at Stanford and Brown, respectively. We’re working on a project that we’ve been referring to so far as “Project Matriarchs: Keep Moms in the Workforce.”

Here’s a brief description of what we’re up to and why:
We’ve been reading the countless articles and emerging research depicting the difficulties that COVID-19 has posed for mothers in the workforce whose children are now learning from home. There is an undeniable trend that a disproportionate burden has fallen on women in heterosexual relationships, threatening their ability to continue working the same hours or to even continue working at all. We've decided to take the year off and dedicate our time to finding a way to help mothers feel like they don’t need to choose between their work/careers and their children. The way we see it, the pandemic threatens a reversion away from recent progress towards gender equity in the workforce and back towards the idea that "a mom's place is in the home."

Our working solution as of right now is to match college students across the country—either those taking time off or those willing to dedicate some amount of time weekly—with families in need of support. This matching will be based on the family’s needs and the college student’s availability. The college students will work with the kids (preschool, elementary, or middle school age), hopefully allowing the mother to dedicate more time and focus to work and to feel less overwhelmed. Our immediate approach in terms of funding will be to offer the service directly to moms with a sliding scale pricing model, so moms pay only what they feel they are able to. Our longer-term approach will be to appeal to companies to provide our service to their employees who are mothers and opt into a 50/50 pricing model in which they commit to matching their support for their own employees with funding to support mothers whose employers will not be providing this kind of support and who cannot afford this kind of service independently.

We realize that it would take some trust to jump in with us on this project right now since we're in our early stages, but want to emphasize that this would be a directly impactful and constructive way to spend some of your time this year. Tutors will be compensated!

Check out our website for more information:

*please note that you aren't committing to anything by filling out this form—you're just indicating interest so that we can set up a time to talk, get to know each other, and figure out if this is a good fit. Please fill this out if you're at all interested, even if you're unsure!
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