New Website Questionnaire
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What kind of visitor would you like to appeal to (target audience)?
(Examples: age, industry, gender, income, geographical area, etc)
What first impression would you like to give visitors to your new site?
Do you already have a logo or branded materials such as business cards, stationary? *
On a scale of 1 to 5, how important is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website? *
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Very Important
Do you need this website by a certain date?
We can complete a website in as little as a few days, but additional charges may apply
Will you be selling products or collecting payments through this website (or do you have plans to do so)?
Approximately how many pages/sections will your website have?
Take into consideration the different elements of the site, for instance the "shop" page, or a "menu" page, or even an "about us" page
On a scale of one to five, about how often would content on this website need to be updated\changed? *
rarely if ever
at least once a week
Can you list other websites like yours (perhaps competitors), and what you do and don't like about them?
This helps us understand your personal tastes
Do you currently own a domain name that you want your new website to use? *
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