The 2018 International Euphonium Tuba Festival Application Form
June 17-23, 2018 in Atlanta, GA at Emory University
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Registration includes FULL ACCESS all IET Festival activities (see online Schedule for more details).
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You may choose to have one or more private lessons and a master class performance as part of your IET experience. We RECOMMEND the Gold Lesson Package for the most inspirational and complete IET experience.
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Additional 45 Min. Private Lesson - $75.00 EACH
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Private Lesson Teacher Selection
Please list THREE private lesson teacher requests below. Please note that lesson slots with various teachers are limited and are filled by the application date. Preference is given to Full Festival Participants. Lessons may be offered to 3-day and 1-day registrations but only on a space available basis. All requests may not be able to be accommodated but sending your application as early as possible helps give you priority. IET Festival Teachers (not every teacher will have space available in their schedule, especially as we assign slots based on when we receive your application).

Please reference the IET Festival Artist List at:

Teacher requests
List by last name in order of your preference
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Master Class Selection
Master Class slots are filled in the same fashion as lesson slots. Specify, in order, your master class preference from those provided.

Please list THREE Master Class choices. You may select from the teachers listed above AND also these SPECIAL Master Class topics classes:

For the most current list of teachers, please visit:


1) Conductor's Perspective Master Class (perform a solo or band/orchestra excepts for comments from 3 conductors)
2) Military Excerpts (focus on military band audition preparation)

Master class requests
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If you won one of the partial scholarships at a solo competition, please tell us which competition and the amount.
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Please add all tuition, lesson options, housing & meal option, and premium add-ons together.
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Payment and Monthly Plans
To hold your place, please send full payment or a deposit of $200 with your application. If needed, we offer a monthly payment plan that allows you to pay a portion of the costs each month between when you register and the end of June. Please email us if you are interested in using this option that can start as low as $100 a month.
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We appreciate mailing a check as it reduces our bank fees/credit card charges, but have credit card and PayPal options also!!
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BRIEFLY, Please tell us a little bit about your music background, schools, teachers, and awards. *
If you have been to the IET Festival in th past, you do not need to answer this question.
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Ensemble and chamber music placement is done through evaluation of recordings and biographies. Please send email a short recording of your playing (2-5 minutes). It can be of an All-State Etude, Solo, or Band music. Please send to:
If you cancel before April 15, 2018, all monies will be refunded less a $200 Deposit. Cancellations after June 1, 2018 result in the forfeit of all registration and lesson fees.
I certify that I have answered the questions, provided information, and understand the refund policy on this application to the best of my knowledge. *
I acknowledge and agree that photographs and recordings of the IET Participant named on this application may be taken and used on the IET Website and recordings for promotion as well as the Gala Concert Recording without any remuneration. *
By typing my full name and date, in the given space below, I acknowledge that I have truthfully entered information, read, and agree to all the above information.
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PARENTAL ENDORSEMENT (for High School students only)
By typing my full name and date, in the given space below, I acknowledge that I have truthfully entered information, read, agree to all the above information, and allow my son / daughter / other to participate in the 2017 IET Festival.
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