The Verity men’s group is excited to be offering The EDGE Program this February 2021!

We will be working with a limited number of committed men that want to build strong relationships, step into bigger leadership roles, and grow in their personal lives. I would like to offer this program to you because I respect you and I think you have a lot to offer the group.

It’s time to EXPLORE, EXPAND, and ELEVATE!

Fill out the Application Form below to apply.
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The next EDGE Program starts February 2021.
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If accepted what are you looking to accomplish in these 3 months? *
What is limiting you from living the life you truly desire? *
What would your life look like if you cleared those blocks and were living fully aligned with what you want? *
Why is it important for you to connect and be a part of a men's group? *
On a scale of 1-10 how willing are you to stretch yourself emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially for the sake of your dreams? *
This is not going to be easy, and in times you will be challenged! The results you get from this program are directly related to what YOU put into it.
Are you ready to be held accountable to the life you truly want and deserve? *
We Honour you for Showing Up! Stepping Up! And committing to be a leader in all areas of your life!
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