THSSH myHistory Archive Project
Welcome to the myHistory Archive folder project sponsored by The Historical Society of the Somerset Hills. What better way to be part of a community then be adding your history to the regions largest family archive.

Below are a list of overview questions that start the founding of your personal history folder.
Your information is secure in the THSSH vault (a real vault). While this form is available online to simplify the process, your folder will NOT be stored online!

We have a number of reference materials to help you think about what to add to your folder and we request that for your first pass that you add NO MORE THAN 10 ITEMS (docs, photos, family trees etc).

As a first pass, keep your THSSH myHistory folder simple. Here's our suggestion on what to add:
1. Print this form and add to your folder (Required)
2. Brief personal or family history
3. Photo of yourself/family
4. Photo(s) of your local residence
5. Family tree - starting with now as you live in the Somerset Hills - (if you name others, list where they live)
6. Any history of tombstones/cemetery information for relatives buried in the Somerset Hills

What is your full name? *
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Where do you live in, or have lived in previously in the Somerset Hills. Check the Township(s). *
Mailing Address/Current Address: *
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eMail Address: (How can we contact you annually) *
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How long have you been at your current address? *
How long have you lived in the Somerset Hills Area? (Combined) *
Do you have any relatives buried in the Somerset Hills? *
If you answered YES to the question above, list any you know here - Cemetery, Name, Date, Relation to You *
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When you have completed your myHistory folder, what did you add to that folder? *
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