PICC Tuition Equity Survey
PICC is committed to improve policies at the local and state level to provide higher education to undocumented students and children of undocumented parents. If you wish to be involved, please share your contact information at the end of this survey. Your information will be kept private. Please share this survey with your networks.

You shared your experiences and knowledge and we made sure to put it all together.
We are happy to announce our comprehensive College Access for Undocumented Students Toolkit.

Please visit, download, and share: http://paimmigrant.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/2019-College-Access-for-Undocumented-Students-Toolkit.pdf

For updates or more information regarding schools or the toolkit, please contact Yeny Romero via e-mail at yenyromero@paimmigrant.org.

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Who is filling out this survey?
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Have you ever enrolled in an institution of higher education? (community college, vocational school, state or private) *
If yes or in process of enrolling, what is the name of school
What is your history with this school?
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What student category did you apply as?
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If you were accepted, what type of student were you considered as?
What type of tuition rate are you now or will be paying to attend this school?
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What is the price of tuition?
Was there anything that affected your application process? Please explain
Have you met any internal advocates for undocumented students in these institutions? If so, can you provide contact information?
Did you have any support/ information from community members or organizations when applying to particular schools? Can you share more
Were you able to find information on websites specifically on how undocumented students could apply? If so, can you share some of these websites?
Did your school offer any type of financial aid or scholarships for undocumented students? Can you tell us more about it? Please provide names of scholarships and how you applied or obtained financial aid
Can we contact you for follow up?
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