UBC Election Sign-Up 2019
Please ensure that you have read and understand the entire UBC Constitution before proceeding (available at kansasbusinesscouncil.com). The Constitution contains detailed instructions and information regarding the election process.

Please note - The following rules apply to the Executive Board application process:

You may run for President or Vice President, but not both.
You may only run for one Director position (includes UBC Senator).
Therefore, you may run for a maximum of two positions, e.g. President & Director of Marketing, VP & UBC Senator, etc.

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I understand that serving on the Executive Board is a year-long commitment and I am not eligible to run if I plan to study abroad in the coming Fall or Spring semester. *
I have read the UBC Constitution, and I understand what will be required of me as an Executive Officer. *
I meet all of the candidate requirements as outlined in the Constitution. *
I understand that all information submitted via this form will become public on March 25th, 2019. *
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