Petition for Bodily Autonomy
Listed below are the requests we are including in the petition that will be delivered to President Capiluto. Please let us know any questions, comments, or concerns you might have! Please sign and share this form with everyone you know.
  1. The Right to Not Become a Parent 

    1. If constitutional amendment 2 is passed, provide funds to cover student travel out-of-state for health emergencies, including but not limited to abortions. 

    2. If constitutional amendment 2 is not Passed, provide funds to pay for abortions in-state if not covered by student’s insurance. 

    3. Make condoms available in all residence halls on campus.

    4. Provide Plan-B for a discounted price in the Big Blue Pantry.

    5. Provide a free Plan-B option available to students at University Health Services. 

    6. Provide information on the student health webpage about:

      1. How to obtain an abortion, even if you have to travel out of state.

      2. How to practice safe sex and consent and expand sexual education to include all genders and sexualities. 

      3. An explanation of laws regulating abortion in your state.

      4. Advice on how to be safe online and prevent getting in legal trouble if you do need an abortion.

    7. Provide free at-home pregnancy tests (12 per student per year) for regular testing to catch pregnancies early. 

    8. Provide legal support for students prosecuted for obtaining abortions. 

    9. Provide paid time off for abortion procedures in addition to standard sick leave allotment (“medically necessary absence”).

  2. The Right to Become a Parent:

    1. Make affordable health insurance available through the university. 

      1. Ensure that international student healthcare costs are not excessive. 

      2. Ensure that students working for the university have access to university insurance staff subsidies. 

      3. Ensure that insurance available to staff and students covers gender-affirming care and reproductive health. 

    2. Provide better childcare subsidies. 

      1. Survey current student and staff parents to more accurately determine the need for childcare on campus. 

      2. Increase funding allotted to childcare for students and faculty. 

      3. Increase facilities dedicated to providing childcare to all university employees. 

    3. Provide guaranteed paid parental leave for student parents of all genders, including the non-birthing parent.

    4. Provide fertility testing at University Health Services. 

  3. Transgender Rights 

    1. Provide funds to pay for hormone therapy if student insurance does not fully cover it. 

    2. Provide specific training to Title IX coordinators about trans issues. 

    3. End gendered categories/gender balance requirements in intramural sports.

    4. Require all-gender restrooms in ALL campus buildings, particularly gyms, classroom buildings, and healthcare facilities. 

    5. Include needle disposal boxes in ALL restrooms, particularly in dorms. 

    6. Remove implicitly and explicitly gendered language from the code of conduct, dress codes, and other university policies.

    7. Eliminate sex-based restrictions in residence halls, which both restrict housing options for transgender students and reflect sexist attitudes.

  4. Politics 

    1. Use the university’s leverage to pressure legislators to protect and expand abortion rights. 

    2. Issue a public statement acknowledging the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs vs. Jackson that includes a list of resources for students seeking services that may be unavailable as a result of it. 

    3. Include more transparency in university resources about which political contributions are made by the administration. 

    4. Publicly affirm the existence of transgender students and advocate for their protection.

    5. Publicly condemn anti-trans legislation that has been introduced/enacted in Kentucky, such as SB 83, which bars transgender students from participating in school sports. Notably, this ban targets Kentucky’s singular trans athlete.

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