SPFE Bargaining Team Application
Please complete the following application by Friday 3/26/2021 if you are interested in serving on the SPFE bargaining team that will work on negotiating our 2021-2023 contracts.

Being on the team is rewarding, but is rigorous and is a time and energy commitment. Bargaining Team members can expect to meet weekly, typically on evenings, through the negotiation process which is likely to conclude in 2022. There will also be some trainings and meetings during the summer of 2021. At times, Bargaining Team members may also be asked to use Union Business Leave days to work on this process during the school day.

Interviews for the Bargaining Team will be scheduled before spring break, and will take place the week of April 12th. You will be asked to bring a petition signed by at least 25 other SPFE members who recommend you for this position to your interview. Interviews will be scheduled via email, be sure to watch your personal email after March 26 to schedule a time.
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I understand that all SPFE members applying for the 2021-2022 SPFE Bargaining Team must get 25 other SPFE members to sign a petition in support of their application to the bargaining team. I will bring my signatures to the interview with the screening committee and understand that interviews will take place the week of April 12, 2021.
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