TC Camp Volunteer --- DUTY ROSTER 2019
TC Camp Volunteers can attend a morning workshop and have lunch on us as a BIG Thank You for helping make TC Camp a huge success. Don't forget! You also get a Camp Counselor T-Shirt and extra badge.

For those of you who lent a hand in the past, you are aware of the vast array of things happening behind the scenes. Thanks to your feedback and suggestions, we are better organized with duty assignment, so everyone knows what to do when they show up. Also be alert; jump in anywhere you think you may be needed. And don't worry about missing anything. Tasks are usually short.

We would like all of the volunteers to show up by 7:30, even if the duties you signed up for don't start that early. There may be things we need extra hands with and you'll need to get your shirt for the day. The Workshops start at 8:30 so if this year is like past years we can expect campers to start showing up as early as 7:30!

Liz says: Our rag-tag band of volunteers is one of my favorite parts of camp. It is amazing how much you all manage to accomplish when you come together. I am looking forward to working with you this year!
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