TAINT Gathering Registration
Event Timing: Sept 11-16, 2019
Contact us: taint.gathering@gmail.com
If you need a different way to register, please email us with contact info and we will get back to you as soon as we can
Rideshare board is here: bit.ly/WC-rides
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Are you two spirit, agender, intersex, non-binary, and/or trans or gender nonconforming? *
Do any of the following identities/experiences apply to you?
Would you like to describe other ways you experience marginalization in your life or within accessing community?
Will your kid(s) be joining you at the gathering? Let us know their names and ages, and if you can, fill out a separate registration with their food and access needs so we can track those.
What are your intentions?  Why do you want to attend?
What days will you attend? *
What are your housing needs?  Indoor housing is limited to access needs *
Do you have access needs? Will you be bringing someone to support you with those?
Dietary needs *
Do you have any food allergies/sensitivities or other dietary needs you'd like the kitchen to know about? Please specify contact and/or severe allergies
Financial Contributions
Capitalism is a destructive force that we don't want to uphold and we still need to work with in some way in order to create this event. This will be an ongoing conversation. We expect our financial need to be about $35 a day per person. It is okay if you are not able to contribute that much, no one will ever be turned away for lack of funds, but we want to know what to expect for our budget needs. If you are able to donate more money, please do. It is essential for our community that those with more privilege and access to resources share them. Funds go to gathering costs, supporting the land, and seeding future TAINTs.                                                                                                                                                                                                          .                                                                                                                                                                                                                   How much and in what way do you plan on contributing?  You can give us money through Credit or Debit card via Paypal visit: http://nomenus.org/donate/ or send a check to Nomenus P.O. Box 312 Wolf Creek, OR 97497.  For both these methods, be sure to note that it's for TAINT, otherwise we won't receive it. Early donations are deeply appreciated! We should also have "square" available during the gathering for swiping cards, and cash is accepted at any time.
Are you able to provide food contributions? Let us know if you can get donations, dumpster food, bring food with you, visit food banks, etc and what you might be able to provide for the gathering.  Food benefits may also be donated for shared food orders.
What skills, resources, or passions are you bringing, and how are you able to help out during the gathering? *
Consent! What does it mean to you?
Consent is required. Physical, sexual, energetic, and emotional consent! Please get active consent before touching anyone's body or personal belongings. Ask for consent before sharing something that's a common trigger or processing heavy shit. *
If you do something hurtful, are you willing and able to receive feedback from others about it and own your impact?
Clear selection
(Optional) Trauma is something that affects all of us, and affects all of our relationships. We hold space for complexities in trauma and how people can both experience trauma or harm and hurt others. We do not believe that people are disposable, and are committed to recognizing and understanding the ways that social power, privilege, and social position interact with individual and community responses to harmful behavior. We would like to engage with situations that people need support for. Are you involved in any accountability processes about ways you've harmed other people with regards to interpersonal violence or oppressive behaviors? Do you know or think someone involved may be coming to TAINT? Do you want to explain or describe the situation, or speak to how you might engage that during the gathering? You are welcome to email us at taint.gathering@gmail.com to ask questions or request individual follow up.
(Optional) Is there anyone you know or think might be coming to TAINT who has harmed you in regards to interpersonal violence or oppression? If you have concerns about someone who might be coming and want to check, you can email us at taint.gathering@gmail and ask someone to follow up with you individually. Are there ways that you would like support or engagement with people planning on coming to TAINT who have harmed you? If you don't know but just want to bring something to our attention that's ok, but we want to give people the space to talk about this and to know that it's something we're committed to showing up for.
(Optional) Anything else you'd like us to know?
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