Educating our country, one parent at a time!
Genius Aulad is an English based Islamic preschool with over 70 branched across Malaysia. At Genius Aulad, every day begins and ends with a salaam, smile and a warm hug.

For 20 years, our cheerful and bubbly team of educators have devoted themselves to nurturing happy young Muslims who love to learn and are compassionate towards themselves and others. Moving forward, Genuis Aulad We are now planning to fundraise RM 3mil. through pitchIN ( , the leading Equity Crowdfunding platform in Malaysia. 49 companies to date have successfully raised funding to the tune of RM60 mil on pitchIN.

With Securities Commission of Malaysia (SC) regulating equity crowdfunding platforms in Malaysia, investments are now democratised for everyone to invest in private companies. This is will be a great opportunity for you to invest in Genius Aulad’s growth potential and be a part of our family.
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About Equity Crowdfunding
1. What is Equity Crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding is an online mechanism for private companies to raise money from investors in exchange for equity (shares) in the company. In other words, investors give money to a business and receive ownership of a portion of that business.

2. How do I liquidate my investment through equity crowdfunding?

Most of the companies that raise funds through pitchIN are at the early or growth stage.
Typically, early or growth stage companies do not offer dividends immediately as they are focused on using all revenue to further grow the company.

Investment through Equity Crowdfunding Platform are mostly long-term investments, and their returns may include:
i. Dividends may be announced when the company is profitable.
ii. In the case of acquisition, the investor will get X times return for the increased valuation in N years.
iii. In the case of IPO listing, the investors will be able to trade their shares in the stock market.
iv. The company/founders may offer to buy back the shares at a certain rate in N years.
v. pitchIN will likely operate a secondary market platform, which guidelines are currently drawn up by the Securities Commission of Malaysia. When the secondary market platform is fully functional, investors may put up their shares in respective companies for sale.

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