2017 Most Improved Runner
Qualification Criteria:
A member of the SRRC and has not previously won the award
A member of the SRRC for the last 2 years
Minimum of 4 Participation series events with at least 2 races being Club point series events (Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon, Women’s Distance Festival, State Fair Parade Run, Abe’s Amble, Frostbite Festival)

Award Criteria:
% time improvements from previous year in races run both years
% time improvement from the previous year in races of the same distance
% improvement at similar race distances during the current year
Range of competitive race distances
All of these factors are taken into account in determining the Most Improved Runner. Some subjectivity may be required in choosing the winner. The decision of the SRRC Awards Committee/ Board is final.

Any club member can nominate another club member for this award
Self nominations are welcomed and encouraged

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Please include specific information that supports your nomination. i.e. number of races, best times of the year at various distances with comparison to best times at those distances in the prior year, and [ideally] time comparisons for races on the same course-for instance, best 10K of the year vs. best 10K of the prior year and Parade Run 2 Mile vs.previous year Parade Run 2 mile
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