2020 Youth Candidate Forum Question Submission
Thank you for your interest in attending and submitting questions for the Youth Candidate Forum. This forum is for Palo Alto City Council candidates, and is hosted by Vote16 Palo Alto and sponsored by 16 youth-led organizations.

Please submit any questions you'd like candidates to answer, and make them as specific and direct as possible. If you'd like to submit multiple questions please fill out this form again.

The forum structure is described below:

There will be 11 full-length questions asked in total; each candidate will have the opportunity to answer 6 full-length questions. Candidates will be split into groups of 5 for each full-length question, in which they have 1 minute to respond. There will be randomized groups — determined prior to the forum via a third party website — for each question, and each candidate will have the opportunity to answer 5 full-length questions in a group, as well as a singular question posed to every candidate.

All candidates will also be given the opportunity to respond to 3 "lightning" round questions where their response can consist of one word or phrase.

This division of candidates is meant to increase the number of questions asked and avoid repetitive answers.

Thank you again for your interest in participating in our democracy! If you have any questions or concerns, please email vote16pa@gmail.com.
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We will try to answer as many questions as possible, but may not have enough time to include all questions. Questions addressing similar topics will be combined in the interest of time and efficiency.
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