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jsonschema2pojo User Survey 2017
How long have you been using jsonschema2pojo
How do you use jsonschema2pojo?
What input do you use for jsonschema2pojo?
Which version(s) of Java do you use with jsonschema2pojo?
Which annotations do you use in your generated types?
For your next project that uses JSON, will you use jsonschema2pojo?
If you answered "No", what will you do instead?
Have you ever contributed to jsonschema2pojo? (added docs, raised issues, raised a pull request, etc)
If you answered "No", is there anything in particular that has stopped you contributing or you think could be improved regarding user contributions?
What's the best thing about using jsonschema2pojo?
What's the worst thing about using jsonschema2pojo?
What one feature or improvement would you most like to see included in jsonschema2pojo?
What country are you from?
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