Nutmeg Book Award - Book Nominee Suggestions
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If you are making a recommendation for the Intermediate, Teen, or High School Award, is the book available in paperback? If not yet, do you know the anticipated paperback publication date?
As stated in our by-laws, books considered as possible nominees must meet a strict criteria. *
The nominated book must be copyrighted in the United States within the last five (5) years preceding the nomination year. All authors will be considered, especially those of the Northeast region. The nominated titles must be currently in print and have enough copies available for large volume purchasing. For the Intermediate,  Middle School, & High School Award, the book must be in print in paperback a month prior to the public announcement of the list. Nominations of fifteen (15) titles for grades 2-3, ten (10) fiction titles appropriate for grades 4 – 6, ten (10) fiction titles appropriate for grades 7-8, and ten (10) fiction titles appropriate for grades 9-12 will be made. There may be (1) title that's the same on 2 of the lists, but no more. To be nominated, a book must have: a. a well-constructed plot and defined story structure b. strong characterization  c. striking language d. vivid setting e. appeal for readers in grades 2-3, 4-6, 7-8, & 9-12 respectively.
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