Zcon0 SCW Workshop Survey
We can only build better solutions if we know where we should go and what needs to be done. Would you mind helping us out? Assume prices marked with $ are in USD.
What do you currently do with cryptocurrencies?
What would you like to do with cryptocurrencies, but you feel as though you can't?
Assuming a quality SCW with U2F support (6 Digit PIN and Yubikey), how much money would you be comfortable controlling with your smartphone?
Assume you are trying to pay an invoice for a $25.00 t-shirt order from a webstore. At what point do you give up on using cryptocurrency to pay?
Do you think NFC payment (tap to pay) should be included in your SCW?
Are you willing to pay a wallet provider fee, in addition to a miner (network) fee, on your outgoing transactions?
What would you do if all SCWs were required to include a KYC feature, like the BIS recommends?
For privacy focused cryptocurrency ecosystems like Zcash, what products or services do you think are currently missing, or could be greatly improved?
Your answer
How important is interoperability with Bitcoin to you?
With what you know about SCWs: would you be willing to invest in a company which produces SCWs?
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