FORM/S: Decolonizing the Body Through Movement
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In January 2019, FORM/S is bringing together choreographers, dancers, artists, and educators Dani Tirrell and Zoe Scofield to engage with the daunting task of analyzing colonized and decolonized choice making. Dani and Zoe are asking the following questions: What is the function of our training? How can movement lead to self betterment? What is the history behind what we are doing? Are our choices of free will, or are we standing on the shoulders of our past? Rather than learn “right and wrong” opinions regarding dance and decolonization, artists are invited to participate in verbal and physical conversation with Dani and Zoe in order to reveal an individual perspective within themselves. This workshop explores questions regarding decolonization, and it is understood that we will not and cannot resolve the topic in four days. However, we hope that the discourses initiated with this workshop can continue into other FORM/S workshops, as well as into the broader communities of dance and visual arts. Catalyze the conversation.

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