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Note: The waiting list for invites is typically 2-4 weeks; please be patient while we process your invite.
Note2: The color key will tell you your pending status.

Looking for the PS3 sign up form? http://gtaa.info/JoinGTAA
Looking for the PS4 sign up form? http://gtaa.info/JoinGTA4
Looking for the XBOX 360 sign up form? http://gtaa.info/JoinGTAX
Looking for the XBOX One sign up form? http://gtaa.info/JoinGTA1

Step 1. Set up your Social Club profile & Reddit flair

I. Set your profile visibility to EVERYONE here:

II. Head over to /r/GTAA and set your flair [PC][gamertag]:

Step 2. Add yourself to the roster
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When you're done here, be sure to set your flair [PC][gamertag] on /r/GTAA
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Step 3. Other
Are you currently a member of GTAA(PS3), GTAX(360), GTAA4(PS4), or GTA1(XB1)? *
If you are currently a member of the crew select which one you are currently with. If you are not select NO. (Selecting NO does not effect getting accepted to the crew.)
Step 4. Request an invite. (This is required to get accepted in the crew.)
Request an invite to the crew from the crews Social Club page.

short link to the crew page ====> http://gtaa.info/GTAP (Opens in a new web page.)

Step 5. Click submit to finish the app process.
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