SHES - Volunteer Hours Record
Please record any hours you have volunteered for school events, projects, class time, prep work, etc. each month this school year and update your hours throughout the school year.

The PTA must keep an accurate record of the hours spent by our volunteers, These numbers are reported to the School District and used to help influence the Legislators in Sacramento in regards to student funding and school policies.

Please note: If you have access to the 2020-2021 Volunteer Hours Spreadsheet, you can directly input your hours there or use this form.

Any questions? Please email
August 2020 - Hours Worked
September 2020 - Hours Worked
October 2020 - Hours Worked
November 2020 - Hours Worked
December 2020 - Hours Worked
January 2021 - Hours Worked
February 2021 - Hours Worked
March 2021 - Hours Worked
April 2021 - Hours Worked
May 2021 - Hours Worked
June 2021 - Hours Worked
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