North Star Independent Homeschoolers Membership Request
The qualifications for membership in this organization are: independently homeschool at least one child and reside within the state of Alaska. Membership to the organization is not fee-based. We are just a group of independent families supporting each other and reaching out to other independent families.

NSIH is supporting Independent Homeschoolers in Fairbanks and surrounding communities who choose to homeschool in accordance with Alaska homeschooling law instead of enrolling their children in public correspondence schools. The goal of this group is to address and support the unique needs of those families choosing to educate their children in a parent-led and family funded fashion as indicated by Alaska’s homeschooling law.

Vision Statement:  To promote, encourage, and strengthen independently homeschooling families and reinforce their independence by providing times of close interaction through educational and enrichment activities in a safe and loving environment.

Mission Statement:  To provide encouragement, support, social, and academic opportunities that promote and strengthen parent-directed education and enrichment that are divorced completely from the authority, direction, or funding of the state or federal government.

    To Organize educational, enrichment, and social activities for all age & grade levels.
    To Create and foster a spirit of community among independent families.
    To Promote the principles of good stewardship and personal responsibility.
    To Take an active interest in the civic, cultural, social, and moral welfare of the independent community.
    To Unite independent families in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship, and mutual understanding.
    To Provide a forum for the open discussion of all matters of parent-directed education interests.
    To Encourage parents in their endeavor to direct the education of their children outside of any authority, direction, or funding from the state or federal government.

Your information is private and will never be shared outside of NSIH. Please use the email address that is your primary email address and checked on a regular basis.

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