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Becoming a Beat It member
Via this form you can become an official Beat It member for the year 2020-2021, and who doesn't want that?
As a member, you will be able to join our club nights and take part in our many events. You will also get a discount on the squash training at Olympos and preferential treatment when you sign up for the training using an Olympas.
Important things to note are:
-The membership fee is €25
-You need a valid Olympas (half-year or yearly) or Sports Club Card
-After signing up via this form you also need to sign up at with our society (this is free)
Do you have a valid OlymPas? You need a valid OlymPas for at least a half year or a year to sign up for our society via Olympos. You can also choose a 'Sports Club Card'. With this card (costs 140 euro for everybody) you are able to be a member of Beat It and come to our squash events. But you cannot make use of the other sport facilities at olympos such as fitness, climbing, or the squashtrainings organized by Olympos. The Sports Club Card comes in handy when no longer have the student discount, but still want to squash with us! *
OlymPas number (without the SCO-part) *
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