ReThink Wellness Academy
ReThink Wellness is a group learning experience where we move, heal and connect together in order to support our clients healing and health journey's.

ReThink Wellness Academy is a trauma informed consciousness process that inspires and supports you guiding clients/patients in achieving their goals, realizing their true potential and upgrading their body, mind and energy.

The idea came from a conversation I had with my trauma informed coaching group. We were discussing how talk therapy can only get you so far with healing trauma. The fact that trauma is biological it’s imperative for health and fitness professionals know how to help move their body's in a safe and gentle way.

Things change. Science says it's possible for each of us to heal and everything in this program is going to help you do that. Take the next step in your business to offer clients the life they are meant for using a trauma informed approach.

It’s a holistic, science backed, body-mind approach based on the latest neuroscience, physiology and human psychology studies focusing on integrating and balancing the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual dimensions of life. It contains the best frameworks, mindsets, habits, and tools to get the most impactful results for you and your clients, week after week.

We will:
*Understand how to support the nervous system in its different states of activation.
*Boost client interoceptive awareness which is key to trauma healing
*Learn how to reduce fear of pain in your clients body during movement and more
*Resolve how and where trauma is trapped is trapped in the body and how to release it
*Support clients accessing their own healing power
*Meet bi-monthly to co-regulate which engages the safety mechanism in your nervous system therefore allowing you to integrate the modalities learning in this groundbreaking Academy.

By the end of this program you will have...
*Daily exercises to regulate the nervous system. This means gaining control over your client's experience and knowing how to help them regulate when they are activated.
*Somatic tools to support their truth and a step by step guide to processing activation.
*Polyvagal informed tools to help you shift the unsupportive thoughts they've been having in a way that works.
*Somatic tools to actually manifest and step into the life your clients want from a scientific, Polyvagal informed lens.
*Tools to support you in helping clients step toward their your purpose and how they are here to serve the world!
*Tools to greet their younger parts so that they can finally receive the things they've been looking for in others.
*Daily tools and exercises to support you in regulating your and your clients nervous system, building healthy relationships and more.
*8 group interactive coregulation sessions, Daily movement snack movement videos, 16 guided meditations, weekly worksheets to help you deepen your work, online community, accountability and 8 weeks of LIVE movement therapy for individual support.

What' topics will we cover inside the ReThink Wellness Academy
  • Autonomic Nervous System - how to start connecting using your senses
  • Vagus Nerve - how to shift from protection to connection 
  • Interoception 
  • Polyvagal theory - shifting your language
  • Finding your purpose  
  • Map Your Nervous System using your name
  • Self Compassion Practice 
  • Chakra Opening
  • what is your core Masculine vs Feminine Energy
  • Map Your Emotions 
  • Lymphatics 
  • Myofascia 
  • Breathwork 
  • Somatic Healing Exercises
  • Health Timeline 
  • Acupuncture points & Facial reflexology
  • How to create safety in your body and mind roadmap & My safety plan exercise

RTW is a 16 week interactive GROUP program. It includes weekly coaching and movement sessions that are held via Zoom. If you are unable to attend the group coaching session they will be recorded and available for you to review. Also gain access to guided therapies throughout the 16 weeks, on demand support, private community to coregulate and grow.

Starts January 2023

If you are ready to invest in healing your own body as well as your clients via the nervous system using a trauma informed approach, I invite you to fill out the form below and we can begin the process of moving forward together. 
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