California Coastal Commission User Group Study and Public Access Questionnaire for Lunada Bay in Palos Verdes Estates, Los Angeles County
The Coastal Commission is researching the experiences of visitors to the bluff top park, shoreline, and coastal area at Lunada Bay in Palos Verdes Estates, Los Angeles County.  The purpose of the research is to gather information about the personal experiences of visitors who have accessed or attempted to access Lunada Bay and use that information to help address alleged threatening behavior and actions of individuals, so-called “locals”, allegedly intended to interfere with, discourage or prevent broad public access to this area of the coast.  If you have ever used any portion of the Lunada Bay bluff top park, shoreline or coastal area and experienced or witnessed such behavior or activity, or you have heard that Lunada Bay has a reputation as a place where visitors often experience threatening behavior, please take a few moments to complete the questionnaire.

Please note that Coastal Commission staff or representatives of visitors to Lunada Bay who have experienced harassment while accessing the coast may contact you directly for more information.

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1. Please describe the areas of your use: if needed, please reference the enclosed photograph.  
Aerial view of Lunada Bay
2. Please describe the uses you have made of bluff top, shoreline, or coastal area. If you have multiple uses, add them in the Other column.  For example, did you use the area for:
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3. Approximately how many times have you accessed the coast at Lunada Bay?
4. Did anyone ever interfere in any way with your use of the area? Or otherwise seek to discourage or prevent your use of the area? If so, please describe the incident or incidents:
5. Have you ever felt threatened accessing Lunada Bay? What lead you to feel threatened and why?
6. Have you observed individuals interfering with other visitors’ use of the area?
7. Do you possess or know of the existence and/or whereabouts of items such as photographs, logs, diaries, notebooks, letters, etc. relating to behavior or activities of individuals intended to interfere with, discourage, or prevent use of Lunada Bay by visitors? Is so, please describe the items and list the locations where such items can be found:
8. Whether or not you have been to Lunada Bay, have you ever avoided visiting the Lunada Bay bluff top, shoreline, or coastal area because you had heard that it has a reputation as a place where visitors may be subjected to threatening behavior by "locals" or others?  If so, (a) what did you hear, (b) when did you first hear about the threatening behavior, and (c) from whom did you learn this information?
The information contained in this questionnaire is subject to public disclosure and will not be kept confidential unless requested by the signatory in writing. For more information about this questionnaire, please contact the South Coast District Office of the Coastal Commission at (562) 590-5071. Thank you for your participation in this Questionnaire and your interest in preserving public access to the California coast.
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