Tidewater Emmaus Sponsorship Application
Greetings! We are excited that you are interested in accepting the Lords call to sponsor a participant for the the upcoming Walk to Emmaus experience. The upcoming Men's Walk is October 24th-27th, 2024 and the upcoming Women's Walk is November 7th-10th, 2024. If you have any issues accessing or submitting this form please contact the Sponsorship Director at sponsorship@tidewateremmaus.org
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Are you aware of any physical and/or medical limitations and/or dietary/medication/allergies your candidate may have we need to be aware of? 
Please read the following statement carefully and give it prayerful consideration print your name below if you understand: 

-I understand Emmaus is a method for Christian renewal in the church. Individuals recommended for Emmaus should be currently active in a local church and have a desire to deepen their faith and to become closer to Christ in their discipleship. 
-I understand as a sponsor, I am required to provide information to assist him/her in the decision to attend a weekend; to help him/her to enter fully into the Emmaus fellowship AFTER the weekend; to provide prayer and other support (including financial); and, to provide transportation to/from the Emmaus weekend. 
-I understand as a sponsor there is a $200.00 responsibility for the weekend fee for my participant. 
-I/we should remember that an Emmaus experience involves some substantial physical exertion (walking, stairs, sitting for long periods, outdoor activities, etc.). Candidates may need to be evaluated by their physician before attempting an Emmaus experience
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