Persepolis 3a
Read Persepolis, pages 40 through 46.

Page numbers refer to the numbers centered at the bottom of the pages (not the page number in your PDF viewer).

Answer the following questions using Complete Sentences, and TAG format where appropriate.
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Based on the image and text above, how would you define a 'massacre' in your own words?
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Based on the images and text above, how would you define an 'effigy' in your own words?
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[The Party] How has the Iranian political situation changed in this section?
(Political situation refers to the government.)
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How does Satrapi (the author and illustrator) portray her former teacher in this section (specifically on page 44)?
What kind of person is the teacher, and why does she act this way?
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Describe Marji's relationship with Ramin.
Refer to pages 45 and 46.
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How has the young Margi changed at the end of “The Party” section?
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What information from the text supports your answer choice for the previous question?
Describe an image, summarize, or use a quotation.
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