Independent Baseball - Fan Survey
A survey aimed at gathering information and opinions from fans of independent baseball.

Leave questions blank if not relevant to you.

NOTE: For the purposes of this survey an independent baseball league is defined as a professional baseball organization in the United States or Canada that is not operated in conjunction with either a Major League Baseball team or an affiliated Minor League Baseball team.

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Indy Ball - Team, Players & Ballpark Preferences
Which independent team(s) do you support/follow?
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Why do you support this team?
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Which is the most impressive independent ballpark that you have visited? Explain why. (Leave blank if you have not visited any.)
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Who is your favorite active independent baseball player? Why?
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Who is your favorite retired or former independent player (now playing affiliated ball or overseas)? Why? (Leave blank if you wish)
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How much do you think/know the average ballplayer gets paid per month at your favourite independent team?
Which independent team(s), if any, do you dislike? (Leave blank if not relevant)
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Why do you dislike this team(s)? (Leave blank if not relevant)
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Do you also support a Major League Baseball team? If so, write the team name below.
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Indy Ball - Information & Consumption
How do you keep up to date with independent baseball? Tick all that apply.
Which of these social media platforms does your favorite independent team use? Tick all that apply.
Do you own any independent baseball team merchandise? Tick all that apply.
What things make you watch (or want to attend) independent baseball? Tick all that apply.
What is the best promotional night that you have ever heard of at an independent ballpark?
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How do you think independent baseball could reach more fans? Rank your Top 3 from the options below. 1 = Best method
Better on-field product
Better social media presence
More involvement in the local community
Better online content e.g. news & game highlights on team website
More televised coverage
Cheaper prices
Better food/drink options
More coverage of independent baseball nationally (e.g. podcast from a major sports network, etc.)
Indy Leagues World Series & playoffs e.g. Atlantic League champ vs CanAm champ
For the Love of the Game
Why do you follow/support independent baseball?
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What are the biggest challenges and potential problems faced by independent baseball teams?
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Rank the Top 3 independent leagues from those listed below. 1 = Most prestigious (in your opinion). Leave blank if you prefer.
American Association
Atlantic League
Canadian American (CanAm)
Frontier League
Pacific Association
Pecos League
United Shore Professional Baseball League (USPBL)
How confident are you that your favorite independent team will still be in existence in 10 years time? 5 = very confident, 1 = not confident at all
If you are willing to (potentially) be contacted to help with my research on independent baseball then please include your email address below. (Leave blank otherwise)
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