The Board of Education may from time to time decide to recognize an outstanding individual by naming a district building, room, field, etc. in their honor (Example: Bracht Field).

In selecting a name for any facility, the Board may take into account persons who have attained national or local prominence in fields such as education, arts and sciences, and government; after past U.S. presidents or persons of local significance; or after the geographic characteristics of the area in which the facility is located. **Please be aware however, the Board may also elect to have certain facilities remain unnamed. Dedicating a district owned structure or field, is solely the prerogative of the Board of Education.**

As an alternative to actually naming a district facility or field after an individual, the Board of Education may choose to dedicate a facility/field and provide a plaque so indicating.

This shall be considered a rare circumstance by which the Board of Education wishes to name/dedicate a facility. For community members interested in making a recommendation to the Board of Education for consideration, the following information must be submitted, using this form. All submitted forms will be presented to the Superintendent who will then present them to the Board of Education and/or the designated committee for consideration and determination.
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Please provide the full name of the person you wish to nominate for this dedication.
Last Question: Please provide a narrative outlining all the accomplishments and/or contributions your nominee is noted for in the Seneca Falls School District. Please be as specific as possible. The Board of Education's decision, regarding your nominee, will be based on the information you provide in this question as well as additional sources. Thank you. *
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