Dining Services Employment - Spring 2017
If any changes are made to your schedule AFTER you submit your application, please send us an email at fsjobs@uga.edu IMMEDIATELY so that we may update your application! We offer jobs based upon your class schedule, and if your class schedule is not accurate, you may not get a job.

When you fill out this form it is for a job starting Spring 2017 and it has potential to continue through the summer and fall semesters. This form is for NEW prospective employees only. If you already work for UGA Dining Services, please see your manager for instructions for next semester.

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How many hours per week would you like to work? *
Students can work between 9 and 20 hours per week.
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Preferred Work Locations: *
Please note that your preferred locations may not have jobs available - if you are open to receiving offers for other units in addition to your preferred location, please select "Any Dining Services Location" as well. The units indicated with (*) have weekend requirements, which may include home football game Saturdays in the fall.
Are you willing to work weekends? *
Please be aware that the only positions that DO NOT require weekend work are the following: O-House Dining Commons, Red Clay Cafe, Snelling Dining Commons, & The Niche Dining Commons. All other locations require students to have weekend availability.
Are you willing to work some early mornings if your schedule allows? *
Shifts beginning at 7:00 AM or earlier - please check transit schedules before answering yes to this question if that is your primary means of transportation. Dining Services does not have free parking at any of our units.
Are you willing to work late nights? *
Shifts ending at midnight or later
Have you been employed by UGA Dining Services in the past? *
If you currently have an on-campus job, please list the department below:
This includes graduate or research assistantships and Federal Work Study jobs. We are NOT a Federal Work Study employer.
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Are you enrolled for SPRING 2017 UGA classes? *
If YES, how many hours of UGA classes are you enrolled in for SPRING 2017? *
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What is your estimated graduation date? *
Month and year for your current degree program
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Are you able to perform the essential functions of this job, which include: standing for long periods of time, lifting up to 35 pounds, working in adverse temperature conditions, and handling all types of food? *
Do you have a valid driver's license? *
A driver's license is required for a few select positions. Your answer to this question will not affect your eligibilty for employment with Dining Services.
If you have a driver's license, what class is it? *
Spring 2017 Class Schedule
In the fields below, please specify your daily class times. Please include any extracurricular activities or obligations that meet on a weekly basis. (e.g., 8:00am-8:55am, 9:10am-9:05am, 5:00pm-6:00pm). If any changes are made to your schedule AFTER you submit your application, please send us an email at fsjobs@uga.edu IMMEDIATELY so that we may update your application!
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Do you have any comments or previous work experiences?
Please do not copy and paste your entire resume - we are only looking for a short summary.
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