WHS is Proud of our Seniors!
Hello Class of 2021!
Please complete this form by June 1st.  We will be using this information to celebrate your successes!  Please answer accurately. Some of the information is to help us do our jobs better, and some is to help us celebrate your accomplishments!  Thank you for your efforts.
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First Generation College Student from a college in the United States? (Please check boxes below if they apply to you.) *
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Did you complete the Oregon Promise? tuition-covered community college through OSAC - www.oregonstudentaid.gov - FYI: final deadline 6/1) *
What are your post high school plans? (Be specific in the next question.) *
Where (or with which organization) are you pursuing your post-high school plans from the above question?  For example: If you answered: "Community College," state "PCC" or "Clackamas CC". If you answered "University/College," state the University/College you selected.  If you answered "Military," state which branch; if you answered "Global Service/Mission", state where (if known). If not sure, write "Not sure." *
FINAL TRANSCRIPTS: What is the name of the college where your final transcript needs to be sent? *
FINAL TRANSCRIPTS: What is the address for the office of admissions at the school where your final transcript is to be sent? *
Did you apply for any scholarships? *
Have you received any outside scholarships, grants or other awards? (If you answer "yes," you will fill in the next section with scholarship/award details. If you answer "no," you will be finished) REMINDER:  If you receive any awards after you submit this please contact your counselor with updated scholarship/grant information.
The scholarships may be merit-based, need-based, athletic or sponsored by a business or organization. Some scholarships are recognition based and offer no monetary value. We would like to know these as well.  
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