Host a Positive Platforms Jam in your city!
Positive Platform Jams bring together creative technologists, social inventors, policy experts, and thought leaders to tease out the thorny challenges of the evolving on-demand economy and prototype real solutions. The goal is to create Positive Platforms that not only maximize profits for their owners, but also provides dignified and sustainable livelihoods for those who work on them. Learn more about Positive Platforms here:

The first Positive Platform Jam will take place at Institute for the Future in Palo Alto November 30–December 1, 2016.

Would you like to organize a one or two-day Positive Platform Jam in your city? Please complete the application below.

Once we review your application, a Positive Platform Jam representative from Institute for the Future will be in touch with detailed guidelines and suggestions on how to proceed.

Following the event, all participants in Positive Platforms Jams will be invited to apply to the Positive Platforms Fellows program, an initiative of IFTF’s Workable Futures Initiative. Those selected to become Positive Platform Fellows will receive $10,000 as a three-month grant to further develop their concepts.

We will be accepting rolling applications until Friday, November 11th, midnight (PST).

Make the future workable for everyone!

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