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I manage most custom orders through Instagram messages. Please provide your IG handle or a link to your profile so I can reach out to you about your request! (If you don’t have one, type N/A and I’ll reach out to you via email!) *
So how does this whole thing work? *
From start to finish, custom orders can take up to 1-4 weeks to complete, so plan ahead! I will reach out to you about your request in about 1-3 days. If approved, I will send you mockups and designs within that same week. From there, you can request slight adjustments or changes to the design until you love it! I will then send you your invoice so you can complete your purchase, and I will begin the embroidery process! Throughout the entire process I will keep you updated with occasional messages, progress pics and videos!
What's your idea? (Feel free to include inspiration pics below) *
Please be as detailed as possible here! You can include information about color preferences, if you'd like a hoodie, crewneck sweatshirt, or a tote bag, the size you'd like, design location (i.e. front or back), design placement (i.e. centered on the front, or offset to the left chest area), etc.
If you have any pics to help convey your idea, feel free to DM them to me on Instagram here
Would you also like to add some embroidery on the sleeve? *
I can embroider up to 2 characters on the sleeve. This can be done for an additional $5 per sleeve. Some examples of this include: '21, A❤ and HK
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If you answered yes to sleeve embroidery, please let me know what you would like embroidered, what thread color you'd like, and which sleeve you'd like it embroidered on. (i.e. "A❤," brown thread, right sleeve)
Please note, if your custom request is approved, there will be a $10 deposit due. But don't's just a deposit so it will contribute to your final order amount. *
*Keep in mind, if you choose not to go through with the order after I have already created and sent your design, you will be down $10.
Pricing will depend on the complexity of your request and the embroidery stitch count. Because of this, custom pieces can range anywhere between $45-$100. I will be able to give you a better estimate of what you can expect to pay for this piece once I read through your request ☺ *
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