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Did you create an awesome web design through code? It could be something as a unique way of designing a link color/style. Maybe you created one cool responsive grid design.

I'd love to showcase your work on a future YouTube and/or Podcast episode. In order to do that, I need some information from you so I can accurately showcase your work.

** Also, if your work is selected to be showcased, I'll be sending a.Designer who codes sticker and a thank you note. It's my way of saying thank you! **
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The location to where your work is showcase. Can be your own website, a CodePen or somewhere else. Please start with HTTP or HTTPS for validation.
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Some sites minify the code so it's hard to see. If you have a GitHub account, can you provide that? It's easier to see the HTML/CSS that way. Or you can upload the file(s) below. Can also provide a Dropbox link too.
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What did you create/solve? *
What were you trying to solve and how did you achieve it? Maybe you were looking for just a new way of designing something. Share as much as you want. This will help me describe in a future episode the success you had, designing while leveraging the power of code.
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By clicking this box, you agree to allow a.Designer who Codes, Nautilus Designs, LLC, to showcase your work publicly, which includes, but is not limited to, YouTube, Website, Twitter, Podcast, Instagram and other platforms to help the benefit of other designers learn how to code. Your email will be added to our email database, which we'll use to further promote future success stories, which you can easily opt out if you find our content not to your liking. We comply with both GDPR and CCPA. Together we can learn together, but I need to share your successes legally.
*Optional* Mailing of a sticker & a thank you note (if selected)
****Optional**** If I select your work to be featured, I'd love to send you a sticker and a thank you note. Due to COVID-19, I'm only sending mail inside the United States (I don't want to go into to a post office to get an international customs form, sorry). If you're up for it, shoot me your address and I'll send you a sticker and a thank you note if selected. This is optional. Your work will still be up for consideration regardless of your mailing address.
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