Las Vegas Decompression 2019 Participation
The space will be available for setup as early as the afternoon of December 6 and open for teardown through December 8. If your request is approved, please be sure that you can pack it in and pack it out within that timeframe.

The event space is a paved lot. There can be no stakes or bolts used for structures. You should be able to secure any structures with sand bags or other non-damaging methods.

The space is not big enough to accommodate multiple large sound systems, so we are not looking for any amplified sound from participants at this time. If you'd like to share something that requires amplified sound, please identify it below to be scheduled during the event

If accepted, the amount of space you request is the amount of space Placement will reserve! If you show up with a larger footprint than you described, do not expect to be able to set it up.

FIRE PERFORMERS: Sorry, but permitting is too unfriendly in the county. We won't be having any fire performance, but glow is welcome
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