IFC Anonymous Reporting Form
Thank you for taking the time to hold our community accountable. This form can be used to report any behavior or activities that violated IFC policy, school policy, or community expectations.

Forms will be responded to by an IJC investigation and hearing with responsible parties. All information from this form will remain anonymous, and specifics of the hearing will be kept confidential. Summaries and sanctions resulting from the hearing will be released to the IFC and relevant parties.

For certain serious allegations (e.g. hazing) this information will be forwarded in its entirety to the responsible Lehigh offices / organizations. It is recommended that such reports instead be filed with the Office of Student Conduct and Community Expectations: https://studentaffairs.lehigh.edu/conduct.

Reporter Information (OPTIONAL)
We emphasis that you will remain anonymous. If contact information is provided it will be kept anonymous to all but the IJC chairman and used for follow up during the investigation.
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Reporters Affiliation (OPTIONAL)
Chapter, Council or Organization - Not required but recommended
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Violation Information
Violating Chapter *
To indicate more than one chapter, say so in the description section below or fill out multiple forms.
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