YCP Chapter Leader Application
**NOTE BEFORE YOU BEGIN: past applicants have shared that this application is best completed on a laptop or desktop computer, given that it includes a few short-answer questions, and graphics and links to review. The application is fully functional on all platforms, depending on your preference.**

Young Catholic Professionals (YCP), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is one of the nation's fastest-growing Catholic organizations with chapters in cities across the country and international interest. YCP was founded by a young entrepreneur in 2010 in Dallas with a mission to "Work in Witness for Christ."

YCP is approached by young adults across the world asking to launch a chapter in their city. We have active chapters in 20 U.S. cities and relationships with Catholics in more than 40 other cities around the world.

Our members use their experience to become ambassadors of the faith in the public square. In this way, YCP forms tomorrow’s leaders to step forward in their communities and workplaces.

YCP Chapter Leadership teams are composed of 7 young professional core leaders and supporting volunteers. Leaders serve from 3-10 hours per week depending on their role, and commit to a 1 year term (for existing YCP chapters), or a 1 year term plus an initial training period (for YCP chapters not currently in existence).

For more information about each volunteer position click here: http://bit.ly/2q3j2JW

The information shared in this application is not exhaustive and is meant to provide a groundwork for additional training that will be provided when applications are approved.

TIPS to help you complete this application:
- Please review the links on this page before completing this application.
- Responses should be a short paragraph (3-5 concise sentences).
- The video submission is required for all positions. Please review the links below prior to completing your video.

Programs Designed for Every Stage of the Faith Journey
Please review the following prior to answering any further questions:
1) The Need for YCP: http://bit.ly/1PDoPYP
2) YCP Mission Guide: http://bit.ly/2kjOazB

You might also enjoy reading/watching:
- Short Video Showcasing YCP's Chapters Nationwide: http://bit.ly/2dvIr9Q.
- TV Interview with YCP Founder, Jennifer Baugh: http://bit.ly/ycpewtn
- Word on Fire Blog about YCP: http://bit.ly/ycpwordonfire

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YCP Chapter Structure
Chapter Leadership roles are in BLUE, other colors denote chapter Board or Chaplain roles (available via a separate application link).

The VP role can be associated with a different Director role (i.e. VP & Director of Outreach). See below for more information about the VP role.*
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More information about each volunteer position: http://bit.ly/2q3j2JW
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Vice President (VP) Role
If you selected a "Director" role above, you are also eligible to take on one of the two VP roles (if one is available in your chapter). Your title would be “VP & Director of Marketing,” for instance.

VP's commit an 2 additional hours/week to serve in a more strategic capacity. Time commitment: 2 hours strategic + 3-5 hours functional = 7 total hours/week as a VP & Director of XYZ.

In addition to the functional responsibilities of a Director, a VP takes on extra chapter leadership responsibilities, including:

• Regular “Core Leadership” meetings with President and other VP.
• Working with President to create strategic quarterly and annual goals.
• Attending quarterly board meetings with Chapter Board.
• Leading chapter team meetings.
• Providing leadership and guidance at events.

Are you interested in filling one of the VP roles for your chapter, if available? *
YouTube Video
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In a 2 min. video please share about your: 1) Personal and professional background; 2) Why you think YCP is necessary for our Church and society; 3) The unique skills and value you would bring to this YCP role to help us accomplish our mission. *
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