I undertake to:

✓ Be on time to sessions if attending live sessions
✓ Complete all written assignments on time and in full
✓ View each day as a learning opportunity
✓ Work as a team with my coach
✓ Take accountability for my actions
✓ Be vulnerable and open with communication with my coach
✓ Try on the coach’s suggestions and directions
✓ Delve deeper past the habitual “I don’t know”
✓ Commit to practicing self-love as a priority
✓ View my coach as a support structure, not a fix it person
✓ Commit to my self-development and growth completely
✓ Voice any and all concerns to my coach
✓ Recognize that I may have my excuses or results, not both
✓ Push comfort zones
✓ Dig deeper into childhood memories where directed
✓ Use external sources like books and exercise to support my growth
✓ Watch replays within 24 hours of live session if not in attendance on live session
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I hereby wholeheartedly promise to MYSELF and my future self and the respect towards my coach all that is written above: *
I will refer back to this promise statement at times when I am unsure about the coaching relationship and use one of these guides as my guide to the action I best need to take. *
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