2019 Stanford WPC Junior Olympic Confirmation
Even if you have already submitted your Junior Olympic Declaration and deposit, please take a moment to fill out the questionnaire below if you/your son would like to be considered for one of this summer's Junior Olympic Teams. If you have any questions, please contact Coach Johnson at bjohnson@stanfordwpc.com.

The boys Junior Olympics will be held in the Orange County area, 7/20-7/23 (12U-18U) and 7/25-7/28 (10U). Our aim is to qualify as many teams as possible in each age division. In order to participate at the Junior Olympics, teams must first qualify through our Pacific Zone qualifying tournament. See dates below for each age group's qualifying dates and note most teams are required to participate in two weekends of qualifying. Teams seeded in the top 4 in the 14U, 16U and 18U Divisions may receive a bye during the preliminary weekend of their age group's first weekend of zone qualifications.

Selection to a JO team is based on, but not limited to, the following criteria: position, ability/skill level, experience, and attitude, and availability for the Qualifying Tournaments.

Athletes wishing to be considered for a JO Team must commit and declare themselves eligible by filling out the questionnaire below, and by submitting their Junior Olympic Commitment Packet postmarked no later than Friday, May 18.

Please Note: Athletes who would like to be considered for a JO Team must be affiliated with our Club, Stanford Water Polo Foundation, club #570, Pacific Zone (#6) no later than 7 days prior to the commencement of the Zone Qualification Tournament, must have a photo headshot uploaded onto their USA WP Membership, and have your age verified via USWP/TC logiQ.

The JO Declaration of Commitment Packet can be downloaded by clicking here: http://www.stanfordwaterpoloclub.com/2019_JO_Declaration_Form.pdf

Please note 2019 Summer age group divisions are as follows:
*10U athletes (born August 2, 2009 & after)
12U athletes (born August 2, 2007 - August 1, 2008)
14U athletes (born August 2, 2005 - August 1, 2006)
16U athletes (born August 2, 2003 - August 1, 2004)
**18U athletes (born August 2, 2001 - August 1, 2002)

* If your son qualifies for the 10U division, but you would like to be considered for both the 10U and 12U Junior Olympics please select the 10U/12U age group from the list below.

**Regardless of Age Eligibility requirement for the National Junior Olympics, athletes who are 19 years old and in their high school graduating class of the year in which JOs is held may still be allowed to participate in the 18U Division of National Junior Olympics. Subject to USA Water Polo approval

Along with having your son considered for one of our JO Teams, we also would like to know if your son is available and can commit to all available weekends in his age group for the Pacific Zone JO Qualifying Tournaments, dates listed below:

Junior Olympic Qualifiers
10U: June 21-23
12U: June 21-23
14U: June 14-16 & June 21-23
16U: June 7-9 & June 14-16
18U: June 14-16 & June 21-23
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Would you like to have your son considered for one of our 2019 JO Teams? Checking "yes" confirms your commitment to one of our JO teams, regardless of team placement. Only athletes that check "yes" will be evaluated for a spot on one of our JO teams. *
JO Qualifying Confirmation: Is your son available and committed to attending all weekends of his age division's JO Qualifying Tournament? *
Additional Information: Please note any pertinent information regarding your son's participation on one of our JO Teams or at the JO Qualifying Tournaments.
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