Sisterhood Gardens Plot Application 2020
Sisterhood Gardens is a community garden at the corner of Brotherhood Way and Arch St. We have additional plots available and would love for interested people to apply!

Each plot is approximately 40 square feet. To qualify for a plot, you must be a resident of Oceanview, Merced Heights, or Ingleside, and not have a plot in any other community garden. We charge an annual $30 membership fee to assist in some of the maintenance costs (i.e. food for build days, tools, soil). If you would like to join our waitlist, please fill out an application.

Please note: Filling out this form does not guarantee you a plot. However, we highly encourage applicants to be involved during our build days and workshops. Additionally, Sisterhood Gardens is a public garden. You are welcome to visit anytime even if you do not have a plot.

For questions please email You can see updates on our FB page:
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Have you participated in previous Sisterhood Gardens community meetings & build days? [Priority given to those who have volunteered with us in the past]
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Are you interested in joining our Steering Committee? This committee will take leadership in managing the construction of the gardens common areas, fundraising, organizing events in the community, etc. The committee meets 1x month
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Why do you want to be a Sisterhood Gardens member?
We ask all Sisterhood Gardens members to volunteer around 25 hours a year through our monthly build days to help maintain the garden common areas. Can you commit to volunteering with us?
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Our Community Garden Rules and Agreements
Sisterhood Gardens
Welcome to your Community Garden
Rules and Agreements

A community garden is a place to grow fresh nutritious food, herbs, and flowers, in the company of friends and neighbors. It is also a place to get exercise, learn together, support the earth with environmentally friendly gardening practices, and find the peace and joy that come with reconnecting with nature and other community members. The following rules and responsibilities will help support the success of the Community Garden.

1. Maintain your plot

Plan to visit your plot 1-2 times per week (depending on the season) to keep up with weeding, harvesting, planting and pest management. Keep your area free of trash, and please put away tools and supplies before you leave each day.
If your plot has not been maintained for a month or more, you will be contacted by a Sisterhood Gardens steering committee. You will have 30 days to re-engage with your plot before it is given to the next community member on the waiting list.
If you plan to stop gardening your plot or will be away for a long period, please let a Sisterhood Gardens steering committee member know right away.

2. Volunteer during garden build days with Sisterhood Gardens
Sisterhood Gardens is volunteer driven and we need everyone’s support to keep it in shape. We require all plot gardeners to volunteer in at least 25 hours a year or contribute in other ways (i.e. fundraising, outreach, watering common areas).
Ask Sisterhood Gardens steering committee for more information about how to volunteer.
We do track your participation, so please sign in and out each time you come.

3. Attend scheduled meetings, workdays and trainings

These will be determined with Community Garden Participant input. If you absolutely cannot attend, please make arrangements to make up the hours.

4. Respect other gardeners and community members

Get to know your neighbors, and learn about different ways of gardening together.
Pay attention to any garden decisions in your plot that may affect your neighbors (for example, planting tall plants that could shade a neighbor’s plot).
Do not weed, water or harvest from other gardeners’ plots unless invited.
Disparaging or abusive comments or violence in the Community Garden will result in losing your plot.

5. No chemicals may be used on your plants or in the soil.

No pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers are allowed. This is healthier for people, as well as the environment. Ask a steering committee member if you need ideas for organic solutions to gardening challenges.

6. Take care of communal tools and supplies. Return communal tools and supplies to their proper storage area.

7. Report theft, vandalism, and unusual activities to a Sisterhood Gardens staff member

8. Please supervise children in the Community Garden

9. Each adult gardener in the household must sign a release of liability

10. Pay annual $30 membership fee
Write checks to “Chinese Progressive Association” with “Sisterhood Gardens” in the memo line. Mail checks to 1042 Grant Avenue 5F San Francisco, CA 94133
By submitting this application, I commit to following all rules currently or in the future drawn up by SFDPW and the Sisterhood Gardens Committee with regards to community garden agreements and commitments. *
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