Vancouver Datajam 2021 Code of Conduct Report
We have two mechanisms in place to report issues: Code of Conduct Violation reports and Conflict reports. Vancouver Datajam 2021 participants are required to do their best to communicate and behave in a respectful manner towards other participants, team members, staff and volunteers.

Use this form exclusively for reports that cannot be addressed using internal conflict resolution techniques, or to report incidents targeting a person's identity and protected characteristics (sex, gender, sexual preference, marital status, disability, Indigenous status, race, ethnicity).

You can choose whether or not to remain anonymous. This form will not collect your e-mail automatically.
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Please indicate urgency level according to your own assessment * *
What team are you in? Write NA if not on a team *
Please indicate which of the following corresponds to your role. If you have multiple roles, choose the role you held when incident took place. *
Which of the following breaches of Code of Conduct are you reporting *
Can you identify what protected characteristics were targeted? Behaviour or language does not require intention for a protected characteristic to be compromised. *
What is the name or Discord handle of the person being reported? *
Please provide the date and approximate time the incident occurred. *
Please provide the time in 12 hr format (ex. 3:00 pm).
Where did the behaviour being reported occur? *
Was the behaviour directed at you or someone else? *
Describe how the incident made you feel *
Please provide as much information as you can about the incident. Let us know if you have screenshots of text messages during the incident. *
Would you like to be contacted in follow up? (Note: Follow up requires you to identify yourself so you can be contacted) *
If you'd like follow up, please provide your name, and one of your e-mail, Discord ID or phone number. (Note: Do not fill this out if you would like to remain anonymous)
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