Down to Earth Music Festival 2018 Volunteer Application Form
Registration fee: $30 USD (, access code: volydte2018)
Refundable deposit: $160 USD
• $30 registration facilitates on-site support, parking fee, processing fee, T-shirt, water and additional associated expenses
• Please submit only one volunteer form per person
• Please read all application information before submitting
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Do you have any allergies, disabilities, illnesses or medical conditions? If yes, please describe in your answer *
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What music festival(s) have you volunteered at in the past? *
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What hobbies, jobs, skills or training do you have that may be useful for DTE? *
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Do you currently hold any valid licenses or certifications (bartending, first aid, lifeguard, security, etc.)? *
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What departments are you most interested in working? *
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Additional terms
• Department and shift preferences are not guaranteed
• Volunteers are required to be available Thursday, August 16 - Monday, August 20
• Volunteers are required to contribute a minimum of 18 hours
• Volunteers are required to arrive 15 - 30 minutes prior to their shifts
• Volunteers are required to wear T-shirts provided during their shifts
• Volunteers are required to bring a refillable bottle or container for water
• Volunteers are required to wear closed-toe shoes during their shifts
• There is a zero tolerance policy for volunteer usage of alcohol or illegal drugs
• If you are caught under the influence, transferring your wristband, or stealing, your deposit will be forfeited and you will lose access to the festival
• Deposit will be refunded if you complete your work requirements and follow volunteer rules
• If you fail to complete your work requirements or follow volunteer rules, your deposit will be forfeited
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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