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TIREX (Intercultural Executive Slowing Test) is a new neuro-cognitive test, created by 3 researchers to evaluate the decision-making habilities on three axes, attentional, inhibition and emotional reaction.
Our prototype is exciting, showing measures of attentional functions, inhibition and emotional reaction to difficulty in 20 minutes. It has been designed to meet the latest models of neuroscience and to be intercultural.
We are planning a "screening" version and an "Expert" version.
We are in a valorization process at CNRS and the project has been admitted in Startup incubator "Incuballiance", a patent filing is in progress. The infographic at the bottom of the form illustrates our research and funding efforts.

How can you help us? Your participation in this survey allow us to demonstrate that there are many professionals waiting for new tools to measure cognition, which will increase our chances of obtaining funding. It's not a "specific" support just evidence that people are interested in it. This is absolutely not a commitment to anything from you.

The more people, associations, and organizations that are interested, the more likely we will be successful in obtaining funding. Please help us by sharing this link with your colleagues, your associations, your organizations of professionals.
The second way you can help is by pariticpating in the definition of standards for audiences beyond our focused trial audience. In the survey below, you will have the opportunity to indicate your interest in standards development.
For researchers who would like to conduct clinical trials on pathologies, do not hesitate to contact us (neuropsysciences@gmail.com).

Sandra Suarez Psychologist-Neuropsychologist, Dr. Neurosciences; Bertrand Eynard Dr. Physics-Mathematics; Sylvie Granon Pr. Neurosciences (Neurobiology of decision-making, Institute of Neuroscience U. Paris-Saclay).
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Do you think it is important to do research to develop new cognitive tests?
If we can finalize the prototype TIREX and make it available on the internet will you want to try it (for free)?
Would you then like us to ask to help us create broad standards for the TIREX test? (data will be anonymous and have the ethics committee approval)
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What kind of patients do you have?
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Authorization to keep this information (compulsory according to the legislation) you have of course a right of withdrawal by sending us an e-mail to neuropsysciences @ gmail.com)
Thank you so much :-)
Please spread around this form to your colleagues, copy-paste the following link
TIREX project: https://goo.gl/forms/6FW6fex6YHYt3XzO2
To know more
We have created a PROTOTYPE, made the first standards on adults and made some field trials, the results are very exciting, we manage to record data on the different functions of attention, inhibition and at the same time on the emotional reaction! Now we need to raise funds to be able to: 1) make a professional version of the easy-to-use test; 2) expand our standards including children and seniors (we wish to have more scientific evidence of our concept, requiring to upgrade our prototype to a more advanced version) 3) do clinical trials on targeted pathologies, particularly in Africa (to validate the possibility of international trials).
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