The Big Dream Program Mentorship Club - $45 Adventure Version
A few details, and some VERY important understandings I think you'll appreciate before proceeding. I want to make sure this is a good fit for you and for me :) I am doing a big, bold experiment and am looking for flexible and engaged folks to help me with it. ~ Big hug, Alex
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How or from whom did you hear about my Mentorship Club? I would like to know whom to thank :) *
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Where in the world are you tuning in from? Purely nosy on my part. It's always so fun to know! I'm in Guelph, Ontario. *
I understand that this Club is happening in a Private Facebook Group. And because we're ALL leaders... there is a code of expectations I'm willing to read below to make sure I'm good with it. :) *
I get that this is not a sequential series of lessons, but rather many lessons in a garden: a chance for Alex to share with me from his past and daily experience working with folks. *
I get this club is an experiment. The Adventure Version. And this fact is reflected in the price I'm paying of $45 CAD/mo. This club may last another month or many. So... regarding payment, there are no refunds for 'partial or unused' months. I'm supporting Alex and myself both. What I take out of it is up to me. But, I am also free to cancel at anytime and not pay for the next month. One week's notice is so appreciated from Alex to cancel subsequent payments. I'm cool with that, and he is too. *
Essential agreements and what-to-expect: And they're SO important to me. Please read this FULLY, as I want to make this a great place for you. And I think you will actually like and appreciate what I have to say here...
Our community, and our private FB group home - the Mentorship Club, is a place where we can ALL let our metaphorical ‘hair down’ and chillax. Me included. We all have weaknesses, challenges, strengths and dreams. We’re all different.

I take this very seriously, for reasons I hope you will love.

Here's the exciting, and important, part: We are almost ALL of us healers, coaches, teachers or LEADERS of some description.

Which means you are accustomed to giving advice. Helping others. That's why you're amazing in this world!


It's exactly for YOU as a super-cool LEADER I've created this club. So YOU can have a place away from your followers, from the public, and from 'advice'... where YOU can work on the things that are most important to you, personally. Where you can experiment and tinker with the things you are working on. Where you can have good days, bad days, wins, and frustrations, and share 'em as-is.

Being able to share where we are at, in any given moment, no matter how beautiful or shitty it looks, is IMPORTANT.

Because of this... this club is a NO UNSOLICITED ADVICE zone. I KNOW you have great things to share with others, but this is not the forum for you to teach it. This club is for you. Personally. For your own life.

ie - if you tell someone how to do something better that they haven't asked suggestions for... or what they SHOULD do... I will reach out to you personally to discuss it with you. And if it continues, I'll need to ask you to step out of this club. Not to be annoying. But to preserve one of the few places leaders can be themselves in their own journey.

All that being said - if you WOULD like ideas or suggestions on something - by all means ask the community, or ask me!

So... I invite you to take part in this, my program, fully, and also with community respect. And because this is our home for the next while, here’s what I expect in there:

What our Mentorship Club is NOT: (I am sure you're fine with this, I just want you to know that I am looking after this space for you.)

● NOT: A place for unsolicited advice to others: Most of us are craving a refreshing and safe place where we can share our trials and challenges and dreams without unleashing a barrage of otherwise-well-meaning folks pouncing on our posts telling us what we should do if we haven’t asked for it. Me included. More ideas on this in the ‘IS’ section below.
● NOT: A place for unsolicited business-self-promotion. BUT! I know you do super cool things! SO... I’ll give you periodic chances to post your biz or services if you like. Outside of that, this ain’t the place for it.
● NOT: A place to negatively post shite or judge others for any reasons of ability, race, creed, sexuality, etc. You will be shown the door faster than you can imagine.

Here’s what our community IS ...

● A place of communal energy. Where we can all work on our individual projects together.
● A place of encouragement.
● A place of love.
● A place where we are making BIG things happen.
● If you want advice or suggestions along the way, by all means ASK for it. I’ll ask advice when I need it too! But otherwise, be gentle and take care not to be heavy-handed with suggestions or advice to others.
● If you have suggestions or a question about the code of conduct in here, drop me a line.
I've read it all. Bless me Alex... it was long... but I totally appreciate where you're coming from and I am happy to settle into this PLACE for ME ;) *
What happens now:
If that's all good with you, then click Submit below and I'll get back to you by email asap. When that happens and we're a fit, I'll send you a payment link, a bonus workbook, and get you into the FB group so you can get started!

Can't wait to see you inside! ~Alex
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