Grim Grinning Gallery Application
The Artist Lodge Presents:

Grim Grinning Gallery
Art Gallery
Saturday, August 29th

Boys & Girls Club of Stanton
11050 Cedar Street
Stanton, CA 90680

*PLEASE NOTE: This is an APPLICATION and NOT an ACCEPTANCE to the gallery. Should you be accepted to participate in a gallery, this application will become your artist contract.

Please read the following information carefully before submitting your response.

o The theme of this gallery is Grim Grinning Gallery. This is a group gallery celebrating our love for the 999 spooks that reside at the Haunted Mansion.

o This is a juried gallery, and the Artist Lodge team will review every application. Please make sure that all portfolio and website links are up to date. Applications will broken links or no website/portfolio will automatically be rejected from the show.
o If you are accepted as a gallery participant, you will be directly emailed by Marissa Suto or an Artist Lodge team member to notify you of your acceptance. Due to an overwhelming amount of artist applications, we do not email those that are not accepted to the gallery.

o All art must be related to the theme, so please make sure the theme is clear in your piece. Please note that this is a FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT. We will NOT be accepting artwork including graphic or crude imagery, or nudity.
o Please make sure that all submitted artwork is YOUR OWN. We will not be accepting artwork that is a direct replication of another's creators characters or art. If you choose to create Fan Art please make sure it is created by you in your own style and is not a direct replication of another creator's characters or art. We also will not be accepting artwork that has been stolen from another creator. If we discover that you have stolen or directly replicated another artist's, you will not be allowed to participate in the show and you will be blacklisted from participating in any future Artist Lodge event.

o There is a $20 entry fee for this gallery. This $20 fee covers the artist for up to three pieces. If you are selected for the gallery, you will receive a Square Invoice that you can use to pay the entry fee.
o As an incentive to attend the gallery, any participating artists that come and check in with me the evening of the artist lodge will receive $5 back. But you MUST check in with me (Marissa Suto) personally.

o Please confirm your schedule before committing to this show. You have 30 days from your application acceptance, or 60 days before the event to cancel and receive a refund, whichever comes first. (For example, if the show takes place on May 1st and you are accepted February 1st, you have until March 1st to cancel and receive a refund. But if the show takes place on May 1st and you are accepted April 1st, you will not qualify for a refund if you cancel.) You will receive your drop deadline in your acceptance email.

o Maximum art size is 11x14”
o Please keep in mind that standard frame sizes typically run 4x6", 5x7", 8x10", 8.5x11" (typically a document frame, not a photo frame), 11x14", 16x20"
o Please do not submit art that has an insane matte and frame size (i.e. a 5x7" piece in a 16x20" frame). Artwork in unnecessarily large frames will not be accepted in the gallery.
o If you have an idea for a larger piece that you would like to do, please contact Marissa to discuss. We may be able to accommodate your piece, but you must get it approved first. Even if you create a larger piece of artwork, your work must remain within the pricing restrictions. If you create artwork outside of the maximum dimensions without approval, your artwork will not be included in the show.

o ANY MEDIUM IS WELCOME! Printmaking, painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, whatever you'd like to do. Go forth and create.

o This is a price capped gallery. Our main goal is for you wonderful artists to sell your artwork. By setting a price cap and making art more affordable, we ensure that more of your work can find its forever home.
 For original artwork: price may not exceed $120
 For original digital prints: price may not exceed $60
o You have no obligation to price your piece and may instead mark it as NFS (Not for sale).
o If you submit a piece at a higher price and you don't reply to my attempts at contacting you for a change before the Art Card deadline, your piece will be marked as NOT FOR SALE.

o You may submit up to 10 reproductions of each of your pieces to be sold at the gallery. Each piece must be bagged with backing. Please include a business card in each bag, and mark each individual print with your price.
o Please do not bring unrelated artwork to sell (unless you have a table at the Artist Lodge, in which case your merchandise must remain at your table).
o If you bring more than 10 prints, the gallery will keep 100% of the funds earned from those extra prints.
o Prints are due at the time the original artwork is collected by Marissa
o For artists making 3D art that wish to sell reproductions, please contact Marissa directly

o Artists may NOT frame their work in floating frames. We've only had a few pieces of artwork fall off the wall and become damaged, and every time it was a floating frame.
o If your frame has a tabletop stand, it must lay flat against the back of your frame, and must lay lower than than the frame border. If it's higher, we can't securely attach contact strips to the frame border.
o Frames may NOT be textured, fabric, or velvet on the back otherwise contact strips can't be securely attached to it.
o Frames may not be excessively heavy
o Frames may not have any saw tooth hangers attached to it. If your frame does, they will be removed from the frame and will not be returned.
o Please do not use dollar store frames unless absolutely necessary. We're all trying to save money, but they fall apart and are damaged easily, the plastic "glass" scratches and smudges, and it makes the artwork look lower quality than it is. We will not reject your artwork if it is in one of these frames, but please know that we do have issues with them.
o Artwork must fit in the frames. If the frame is too large for the piece, please mat it to the size of the frame. Any work that is submitted that is too small for the frame (for example, a 5x7" piece in an 8.5x11" frame without matting) will not be accepted into the gallery.

o All sales in the gallery will be handled by Marissa Suto or a trusted Artist Lodge team member. Sales will include all original art and additional print(s) (If applicable), minus the 30% commission the gallery will retain.
o Marissa Suto will directly send you your profit via PAYPAL for the full amount of the purchase price(s), less the previously mentioned and agreed upon percentage that the gallery will retain. Your profit will be sent out within 15 business days after the conclusion of the gallery.
o Marissa Suto and The Artist Lodge agree to charge the price set by the artist for each item sold, and will accept nothing less than the purchase price for the artwork unless otherwise agreed upon in an email.

o One of the requirements of being in this gallery is PROMOTION! Marissa and The Artist Lodge can only do so much, but we're happy to do it. However, we want to make sure as many people know about this show as possible, including your followers and fans! As you're working on piece of art, please take lots and lots of work in progress photos (WIPs). Use these photos to post about the show.
o Please begin posting at least 2 months in advance of the show.
o When you post, don't post your entire piece! We don't want to give away the surprise of your piece before people come to the show and see it in person! Make sure you only post little sneak peeks of the piece!
o Please tag @theartistlodge and @humalongproductions in your posts on instagram and twitter. It helps us see that you're posting, and makes it easier for us to repost to further advertise!
o Some other hashtags to use, and feel free to copy and paste:
#artistlodge #theartistlodge #supportlocalartists #supportlocalbusinesses #supportlocal #shopsmall #wip #artshow #artgallery #artistsofinstagram #artistsoninstagram #artistsofig #artist #art #artwork #santaana #orangecounty #ocart

o Marissa will begin collecting artwork a full month before the event. We would appreciate it if we can collect all of the artwork prior to the show date, so that the day of the show can be spent hanging the artwork. Marissa will send out dates and locations that your artwork can be dropped off at.
o If you are shipping your artwork, you are responsible for the cost to ship to and from the gallery.
o If you have not previously contacted Marissa about dropping off your artwork, and you do not drop your art off within the time frames stated above, your artwork will not be included in the show.
o All two-dimensional flat artwork MUST be framed and ready to hang. Please make sure it is in a frame that we can attach command strips to
o All artwork will be hung with Command contact hanging strips. Please make sure that the command strips you include use the hook and loop system (i.e. they are textured/poke-y on one side). Do not get the strips that are smooth on both sides. An example of the correct strips can be found below.
o We will not be accepting wet art, so if you're painting or using a wet medium, or creating a 3-dimensional piece, make sure it is dry.
o Unframed canvases will be put directly on the wall using contact strips attached directly to the canvas frame.
o Please include enough contact hanging strips for your piece. If you do not include enough contact strips to safely support the weight of your piece, your artwork will not be included in the show. If you do not include any contact strips, your artwork will not be included in the show.
o If you are submitting three-dimensional work and need a shelf or pedestal, please specify below.

o Artist is responsible for taking home any unsold original art and marketing paraphernalia at the end of the night of the gallery.
o Marissa Suto will be taking home any unclaimed original art at the end of the event. Artists will have 30 days after the gallery closes to contact Marissa Suto to set a pick-up date, discuss shipping, and to pick-up artwork. Any work not claimed within 30 business days after the Artist Lodge will then become property of The Artist Lodge.
o If you are shipping your artwork, you are responsible for the cost to ship to and from the gallery.

o We highly encourage all participating artists to show up to the Artist Lodge for the event. I know that as both an artist and a fan, it’s a thrill to be able to meet and speak to the artist of the piece that you’re purchasing. You’re an awesome artist and somebody’s inspiration, so it would be nice if you were there at the gallery, enjoying the night amongst your peers and fans. We will have name tags for artists that are showing up so that fans can easily find you so that you can sign their purchases.
o Keep in mind that any attending artists can receive $5 of their entry fee back when you check in with Marissa at the event.
o Please keep in mind that while we can't make you come to the show, we do make note of the artists that do not show up for the gallery and signing when we’re considering people for future galleries. Not showing up may influence whether or not you’re chosen to participate in a future show.
o If you're attending the signing, you may bring business cards and any other FREE marketing paraphernalia (stickers, pamphlets, etc) that you'd like to pass out.
o Marissa will be contacting you closer to the event for Art Card information, and you can verify whether or not you will be attending then.
o If you are a non-local artist you will not have attendance held against you.

o Artists are encouraged to bring a donation for the Artist Lodge raffle. This can be a sketch-card, print, shirt, bag, button, enamel pin, whatever you'd like. It must be family friendly. We ask to make sure that your business card or contact info is on your donation so that the winners can find you. This ensures that at least one person goes home with your artwork that evening. Again, this is optional but encouraged. Donations do not need to correlate with the theme of the gallery.

o Marissa Suto nor The Artist Lodge are responsible for any damages to art pieces or prints once they are received. Please check your work before you drop it off. Neither Marissa Suto or The Artist Lodge are liable if an item is stolen, damaged, or if there is a fire, flood, or any natural disaster that damages or destroys the item(s).
o We reserve the right to refuse any items that we feel are not on point with the theme of the show, or of the highest quality. Please double and triple check all artwork that is to be submitted before doing so.
o By filling out and submitting this contract, you are confirming that any and all artwork and prints that you submit are YOUR original artwork or fan art. All artwork sold in the gallery must be original work created by YOU.

o If you need anything at all, please contact Marissa Suto via email. Selected artists will have access to Marissa's phone number in case of emergency.
o Email:

The Artist does hereby agree to the terms set forth above by submitting this form.
This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of California in Orange County and any applicable Federal Law.
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I understand the theme of the show, and that the artwork I submit must be directly related to the theme. I understand that all artwork has to be family-friendly. *
I understand that all artwork I submit must be of my own creation, and that I can not steal or copy artwork from another artist. I understand that if I do so, I will be blacklisted from all future Artist Lodge events and I will not qualify for a refund. *
I agree to pay the $20 entry fee in the event that I am chosen to participate in the gallery. I understand that I can receive $5 back if I check-in at the gallery the night of the event. *
I understand the cancellation policy and the payment deadlines. *
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I understand the artwork price cap restrictions. *
I understand the reproduction print policies. *
I understand the framing policies. *
I understand the payment policies. *
I will possibly need a pedestal or special display for my artwork. *
I understand that I am responsible for promoting the show, and I agree to post WIPs on my social media pages. *
I understand that not attending the gallery may influence whether or not I am invited back for a show (non-local artists excluded). *
I understand that Marissa Suto and The Artist Lodge are not liable for any artwork that is lost, damaged, or stolen once they are received. *
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