Senate Democratic Policy Committee New Home Survey

As Chair of the Senate Democratic Policy Committee, I have hosted dozens of hearings across the Commonwealth on legislative and policy initiatives that are important to all Pennsylvania residents. On May 10 at 11:00 a.m. at the Phoenixville Borough Building (351 Bridge St., Phoenixville), along with Senator Wayne Fontana and Senator Nikil Saval, we will be hosting a public hearing to examine challenges faced by owners of newly built homes in Pennsylvania and the lack of protections for these residents in state and local laws. 

One of the most important perspectives featured at each of our hearings is that of impacted residents. As a new homeowner myself, living in a newly constructed neighborhood, being a first time home buyer and owner has been... challenging (nicest way of describing it without swearing)... and a major eye opener to how PA is truly a "buyer beware" state.  We were hoping that you would take a few minutes to fill out a brief survey about your experiences as an owner of a newly constructed home in Pennsylvania. The survey responses will remain anonymous and will only be used to help inform our members of the challenges being faced by so many Pennsylvanians who were sold on the promise of a newly constructed home only to deal with issues of poor workmanship and unreliable contractors after moving in.  It is imperative to have your feedback so that any new policy proposals that are developed will be designed to address any and all loopholes in our laws and regulations that allow for exploitation of homebuyers in the future!  Completion of the survey in its entirety is appreciated and will allow for optimal data collection on these important questions.  Incomplete surveys will still be reviewed, but depending on level of completion and information provided, they may or may not be counted in the final data analysis.

Thank you in advance for your participation in our survey! If you have any questions or concerns regarding your participation, or if you would like to share a more detailed account of your experience as a new home buyer in Pennsylvania, please email my Executive Director, Gareth Orme, at

In service,

Katie Muth
State Senator 
44th Senatorial District

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If you would like to share any supporting information/documentation (including pictures) regarding your experiences as a homeowner of a new construction home that you would like to share with the Committee, please email the files or links to files to 
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What municipality (e.g. township, borough, or city) you currently reside in?  Zip codes appreciated as well! 
What is the name of the development/neighborhood you currently reside in?
How long have lived in your newly constructed home?
Are you the first owner of your current home or townhome? 
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Name of builder that constructed your home:
Date when your new home construction was complete/ move-in/ closing date:
Did the construction company that built your home offer you a mortgage option through their company or one of their subsidiaries? 
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If you answered YES to the previous question, did you take out a mortgage with the company offered to you by your homebuilder? 
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To your knowledge - how many homes are in your development? 
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On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate the overall quality of your new home?
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How would you rate the maintenance and repair services provided by the builder?
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Since you've moved in, have you needed to contact the builder regarding any warranty/maintenance issues? If so, has the builder been on site and completed any repairs/reconstruction that was necessary?
Has your home had any issues with water intrusion and/or mold?
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Have you had any need to contact your local municipal government officials for any construction issues regarding your home or the neighborhood common areas since you've moved in? (i.e. issues with storm water runoff; obtaining final occupancy permit, etc)
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Have you had issues with poor craftsmanship? 
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If you answered YES to the previous question, please describe your experience in detail.
Does your basement have a sump pump?
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Has your basement ever flooded?
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Did you have your home inspected either prior to or after closing?
If you answered YES to the previous question - did the inspection yield any concerning results?
Did your new home come with appliances included? If so - have you had any issues with those appliances and how were they remedied?
Did your new home come with a warranty? If so - describe the terms and coverage of your warranty. 
Has the builder been responsive to any repair requests upon move in?
Did the builder provide clear information on how to request repairs or report issues?
Did the builder follow up with you to ensure that you were satisfied with the repairs made?
Would you recommend this builder to others based on your experience? 
Do you have any additional comments or feedback regarding how to improve new home construction practices and consumer protections can be improved?
Would you be interested in sharing your experience as a new homebuyer as a testifier at an upcoming Senate Democratic Policy Committee hearing? 
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