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Media Requirements
1. When applying for Media, you MUST have previous videos or streams on Vortex.
2. You MUST have active viewers, this includes chatting, comments, and likes.
3. You MUST have active uploads and streams.
4. You MUST have a decent amount of subs.
5. You need to have a good understanding of the server and it’s rules, your history must reflect this with little to no punishments in the Tier 1 category.
6. Lastly, you’re a face of Vortex if accepted, you can not break a higher tier rule or else you face losing your Media rank.
Have you fully read the requirements and understand what is expected? *
What is your Minecraft username? *
If you are a Bedrock player, make sure to include the * before your username!
What is your Discord? *
Example: Vortex#2679
How long have you been on Vortex for? *
What platforms do you actively use? *
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Can you share links to your platforms? *
How many viewers per video or stream do you get? *
How many subscribers or followers do you have? *
If applying for Twitch Media rank, please link a screenshot of your Twitch Analytics.
Why do you want Media rank? *
Is there any additional information you think we should know?
Thank you for your application!
A member of our Administration team will get back to you via Discord within 48 hours.
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