Assessment  of Green portal impact
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How easily can you find the materials you need on the platform?
Scale [1 = Very difficult, 5 = Very easy]
Do you find the language used in the materials suitable for your level of understanding?
Scale [1 = Not suitable, 5 = Highly suitable]
How satisfied are you with the platform overall?
Scale [1 = Very dissatisfied, 5 = Very satisfied]
How useful do you find the content concentrated in the Green Portal?
Scale [1 = Very unuseful, 5 = Very useful]
Does the platform address your specific needs in the field of RES?
How relevant are the materials to your interests and needs?
Scale [1 = Not relevant, 5 = Highly relevant]
Do you find materials suitable for your level of expertise?
Do you believe that the material in the Green Portal is ample enough?
Scale [1= not at all, 5= very ample]
If not ample, what topic is not addressed at all or is not sufficiently addressed?
Are the materials on the platform clear and easy to understand?
Scale [1 = Not clear, 5 = Very clear]
Do you find the materials on the platform complete in each topic?
Scale [1 = Not complete, 5 = Very complete]
How possible is it to make any changes in your daily behaviour as a result of using the platform?
Scale [1 = Not possible, 5 = Very Possible]
Do you plan to continue engaging with RES practices of the Portal in the long term?
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